How to Prevent Age Spots: Tips for Preventing Sun Spots and Age Spots

How to Prevent Age Spots

The development of age spots and sunspots is common skin concern. The most common signs of environmental aging are age spots and sunspots. As the sun damages our skin over time, we will develop melanin deposits, causing sunspots. Prevention is better than cure for many ailments related to aging. Hence, prevention of age spots and sunspots is better than the actual cure. You should consider ages pots treatments to get rid of them, and also tips to prevent sunspots in the future. Preventing sunspots is easier than you might think.

Tips for Preventing Age Spots and Sunspots on Skin

Here are some simple tips to prevent ages pots. Follow these tips to prevent sunspots and age spots your face and body naturally.

Limit your Exposure to Sun: Preventing age spots requires sun avoidance and sun protection. The sun is the biggest and main cause of age spots. Even youngsters can get sun spots with too much unprotected sun exposure. UVB rays trigger the production of melanin, pigment which gives skin its natural color. But when excess melanin is produced, it will results in skin sun spots. Hence, the best way to prevent them from forming is by protecting yourself from ultraviolet rays. Reduce going out in the sun, when the sun's rays are strongest. If it is inevitable, wear full sleeve clothes, large brimmed hats, and big dark glasses. Pay attention to trouble areas of skin. The back of your hands, your face, and chest are most likely to develop age spots.

Apply Sunscreen and Prevent Age Spots: This is the most obvious, yet often most overlooked, step for preventing age spots. Since sunspots on skin are caused by sun exposure, wearing sun block or sun screen can help prevent them. Future brown age spots can be minimized by applying sunscreen on your face every day. The important thing when selecting a sunscreen is to choose one having a sun protection factor (SPF) with a minimum rating of 15. Choose a higher rating if you plan to be in the sun for longer periods to prevent sunspots.

Increase your Antioxidant Intake: The antioxidants are the best solution for preventing age spots on skin. These brown skin spots are strongly linked to free radical damage, and antioxidants stop free radicals from forming, and help prevent sunspots and liver spots. You should include foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other age-fighting antioxidants to treat skin spots and patches. Antioxidant-rich foods and beverages, like fruits, vegetables and green tea etc., can protect your skin and keep it young and supple.

Tint your Windows: Provide additional protection for you and your family by installing UV shield window film in your car or in your home. The installation of UV films on your car helps combat ultraviolet rays and prevents sun damage. It acts like sunglasses for the windows of your car and provides 99% UVA and UVB protection.

Exercise: Exercise will also help in preventing ages pots. Regular exercise helps improve your blood circulation and helps prevent sunspots. Exercises, including walking, jogging, biking, and other methods of aerobic activity are beneficial for avoiding age spots.

You should take extra care to prevent the age spots and sun spots. By following the above age spot prevention tips immediately, and making them a part of your daily lifestyle, you can prevent age spots and sunspots naturally.