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How to Get Rid of Red Skin on Face

Get Rid of Red Skin on Face

Dry red skin on face could be a result of causes like changing weather conditions and extreme climates, pollution and change in soaps or cosmetics. Sometimes dry skin can also cause redness, it is often known as eczema. This kind of eczema can come anywhere on the body and can in many cases spread to all the exposed parts also. This kind of red skin on the face is not a permanent problem.

Home Remedies to Reduce Red Skin on Face

Home remedies for red skin on face can help to get rid of the redness on face and rejuvenate the skin.

• Coconut oil and olive oil are said to be effective soothing agents. Directly applying either of these oils can help to relive the itchiness and reduce redness in the affected areas. Dry red skin on face should be treated with much care.

• To get rid of red skin on face, you could mix together 4 tablespoons of Fullers earth and mix it with 2 tablespoons of milk in a bowl to form a loose paste. Then gently apply this mixture onto your face especially concentrating on the red skin on face. Leave it on for 15 minutes till the pack is dry and then using a swab of wet cotton and slowly wash the pack off. After washing it off make sure that you lightly apply some coconut or almond oil onto the red face and avoid going out for a few hours.

• Another red skin remedy is to mix honey and oats in a bowl and massage this mixture gently on to the affected areas in circular motion to get rid of the dry skin and make sure that the skin is exfoliated thoroughly.

• Massaging the red skin on face with coconut oil or olive oil is another way for reducing the skin redness. You can massage the oil and leave it overnight moisturize the skin and revitalize it from within.

• Pure aloe vera extract or gel would also act as soothing agents on the reddened skin. It could help to provide the required moisturizer and reduce the inflammation in that area.

Apart from this make sure that you protect the red skin on face when you go out. Use a strong sunscreen on the red skin areas and keep it covered in the line of direct sunlight. Wash your face with a gentle soap each time you come in so that impurities can be done away with. In case the red skin on face does not subside and is prolonging then it is best to consult your local dermatologist.

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